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大陸研究中心 歡迎您

           We are the Mainland China Research Center of the National Dong Hwa University that changed from the Graduate Institution of China Research. Because of the development of economy and society in Mainland China prompts international concern in 21st century, Mainland China research also joins the mainstream in the international and Taiwan academic community. Since the connection between the two straits has become closer, studies on the development of China's politics,economy, and society are more important to Taiwan. Otherwise, recently, with a lot of changes of China in several parts, including policy, society, economy,laws etc., every university and graduate institution takes care about this issue. Therefore, relevant courses and research should be enhanced within campus. Through the adjustment of recruiting, and the integration and adjustment of graduate institutions, our university got the determination to set this center in administrated conference in second term in the year of 2001 (March, 26, 2001).This center integrates the resources of the college of humanity and social science, to complete the framework and associate with resources extensively and integrate with the resource of every generate institution by regulating the structure of organization.

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